New Bridges between Mathematics and Data Science: a Scientifc Debate

The aims of this round table are three fold. On one side we will analyse the positioning of the international mathematical community with respect to the data driven computational mathematics by looking at the thematic evolution of the mathematical contributions oriented to the applications. Secondly, need to prospectively think and discuss about the challenges, open problems and strategic lines in which mathematics can contribute to the
foundations of Computational Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, and their algorithms. Finally, the presenters and participants of the round table should be able to collectively come up with specific initiatives, policies and detailed actions’ proposals to help interested senior mathematicians and young researchers in contributing to the foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Data Driven Computational Mathematics.

Every presenter in the round table will make a short speech on a specific subject along the above lines to be the base and starting point of the round table debate part.



Lluís Alsedà (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica/Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)


Joan Bruna (Courant Institute, New York University)
From Mathematics to Artificial intelligence: prospective strategical lines.

Ilaria Chillotti (Director of Research, Zama)
Fully Homomorphic Encryption – end-to-end encryption everywhere.

Jesús María Sanz-Serna (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
An evolutionary survey on the mathematical contributions to Artificial Intelligence: An editor perspective.

Sebastià Xambó-Descamps (Chair, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Two-way bridges between mathematics and machine learning.

Challenges and opportunities for Mathematics in Data Science: the point of view of funding agencies and policy-makers

The debate in this round-table will be centered around the following items:

(i) Programs to encourage young researchers to work on topics between Mathematics and Data Science.
(ii) What is the cause of the relative success of the mathematical community in transfer issues?
(iii) Use Mathematics in your business.
(iv) The demand for mathematicians by companies is higher than the supply. How to fix this (without leaving research centers and secondary schools without mathematicians)?



Pilar Dellunde (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, IIIA)
David Gómez-Ullate (UCA Datalab Coordinator, vocal de la RSME)
Jesús Marco (Vicepresidente de Investigación y Ciencia y Tecnología del CSIC)
Enrique Playán (Director de la Agencia Estatal de Investigación)
Luis Vega (Chair, Coordinador de la REM) 

Mathematics, Data Science and transfer: the point of view of industry

The discussion in this round-table will be focus on the following items:

1. Connections between mathematics and industry.
2. How to improve mathematical transfer to business?
3. Why do so few mathematicians lead transfer contracts in data science?



Manuel Castro (Presidente de SeMA)
Álvaro Fernández Velando (Head Models & Data, Santander España)
Jesús López-Fidalgo (Presidente de SEIO)
Peregrina Quintela (Chair, Vicepresidenta de EU-MATHS-IN)
Rocío Vega (Reganosa)


Important Dates

Grant application:
September 20th 2021
Notification of acceptance on grants:
October 1st 2021
Early registration until:
October 1st 2021